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Benefits of accepting payments online

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When was the last time you wrote a check? Was it recently? For most people, probably not.

Consumers expect the ability to pay with their credit cards. People appreciate the option of setting up auto-pay, and then letting payments happen automatically.

If your law firm doesn’t have an online bill pay set up, you’re behind in technology and customer expectations.

Today, most businesses offer online portals, so customers can pay when it’s convenient for them. It’s nice for customers, but law firms also benefit from accepting payments online.

Accept payments 24/7

Your clients may not think about making payments when your office is open. And if they do, can they pay an invoice in a few minutes, without needing to leave their desk?

When you have an online portal, clients can look at what they owe and make payments. This is easier for clients, but it also improves payment collections for your business

Send digital invoices

Not everyone wants paperless billing, but it’s more widely accepted than ever before. An online client portal lets you put invoices in a place that’s quickly accessible for clients.

You can send an email when a new invoice is ready, and clients can pay online it’s convenient. This saves the time it takes to print invoices, and it saves money on envelopes, paper, and stamps. Granted, not everyone will go paperless, but most law firms see enough difference that it improves the bottom line.

Spend less time gathering information

Online portals can keep track of your clients’ old invoices and payments. This means your clients can look at their past payments and current invoices. They can check what they owe, and they don’t need to call your firm with billing questions.

Your team will spend less time taking payments and looking up the status of accounts. This means putting that effort elsewhere to build your business.

Collect more money, more quickly

Most people prefer paying by check card or credit card. So when lawyers let consumers pay by card, they’re often able to collect on invoices more quickly than when they require clients to pay by check. Giving clients convenient click-to-pay links means you spend less time trying to collect payments.

Compete with larger firms

Many firms already have online payment options for their clients. Providing that same level of technology makes your firm look as sophisticated as the larger firms.

Happier clients

Study after study shows that people are willing to pay more for convenience. When it comes to paying bills, that means paying online, whenever they want.

Whether your clients want to pay online without creating a log in, or they want to create an account so they can see everything they owe and everything they’ve paid — give it to them.

Making it easy for people to pay their invoices means you’re giving them the smooth experience they want. It also means they’re less likely to look at whether your competitors are accepting new clients.

When it comes to taking care of your clients and making sure you get paid, online payment processing is the best route. The right payment processing software can help you maintain client portals, get paid faster, and spend less on processing fees. Contact ClientPay to learn more about streamlining your payment solutions.

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