How firms can reduce PCI scope [VIDEO]

Any business that takes credit cards needs to follow PCI guidelines. With the right partner, PCI standards are manageable — and can help keep your business safe and your clients happy. Learn how to use payment processing software to reduce your PCI scope.



One way to reduce your PCI scope is by using a software provider that can offload vulnerability at each step of the transaction — and improve security on your behalf. ClientPay has the highest level of PCI compliance, so we can do just that. As a level 1 provider, we do things like:

  • Regular code audits
  • Penetrations tests to expose security threats
  • Systemwide vulnerability scans
  • Geographic server redundancy

All of this to make sure that every piece of data that passes through our system stays secure. 

Review the 6 PCI goals, and learn steps you can take to reduce PCI scope for each goal.

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