Prior to ClientPay, our company was paying a substantial amount of credit card fees. We switched to ClientPay to lower our expenses. Not only did they lower our expenses, but they also allowed us to easily make credit card transactions much smoother and cleaner in our Accounting system.

- 150+ attorney firm, New Haven, CT

Overall, we are very pleased with the product. It is easy to use and very user friendly. I love that you can pay different matters and different accounts on one transaction.

- 100+ attorney firm in New England

Our total A/R has gone down substantially as a result of ClientPay and credit card acceptance.

- 200+ attorney firm in New York

As we have increased efficiency in my department, our productivity has improved allowing us to do more with the current staff. ClientPay is one of the efficiencies we enjoy.

Am Law 100 firm with 1000+ attorneys

Testing was very easy, my IT team was blown away with how quickly the implementation went.

- 1000+ attorney firm

Clients like the payment receipts generated because they show the specific matter and invoice details from the payment. ClientPay is very user friendly.

- Client Accounts Coordinator, Rochester, NY

ClientPay has led to increased efficiency by allowing multiple users access to run credit card transactions. We enjoy no longer having one terminal to move from one location to another.

- Treasury & Tax Manager, Miami, Florida

Credit cards are processed quickly. ClientPay integrates with our accounting system and this is a big plus for us. But we can still control when the items are posted to accounting. Flexibility is what I like about ClientPay.

- Billing & Collections Manager, Atlanta, GA

The team has always been extremely responsive. When we call, we always get a live person – never an automated system.

- Senior Accountant, San Diego, CA