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Designed specifically for firms like yours, ClientPay puts all critical functionality at your fingertips for fast and accurate payment processing.


Integration with Practice Management Systems

ClientPay seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of practice management systems, streamlining AR processes and removing the need for tedious double entry into multiple systems.


Guess what? You might already have access to ClientPay.

If your firm uses any of the leading matter management platforms, you may have built-in ClientPay functionality already. Get in touch to learn more.

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Customizable Payment Pages

Create payer-facing payment pages that are fully customizable to ensure you gather all information needed on every payment.


Key Payment Details at a Glance

Improve team efficiency with a single, easily scannable page that displays all vital payment information for a client.

Powerful Payment Search Capabilities

Quickly and easily find exactly the payment information you need with ClientPay’s powerful search tool.


Other Key ClientPay Features

  • Recurring payment schedules are fully customizable to fit your timetables
  • Secure online client portal for paying invoices, managing payment methods and tracking payment history
  • Send for Payment functionality helps you automate bills to get paid faster
  • Email notifications for tracking incoming payments in real time or as a daily summary
  • Secure wallet storage gives you secure access to each client’s payment information
  • Automatic operating and trust account separation eliminates human error
  • Level 1 PCI compliance protects cardholder privacy

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