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Your firm’s online payment needs to constantly evolve. So do the technology-enabled possibilities for improving transaction speed, precision and security. That’s why we’re continually adding new ClientPay functionality to help you further improve profitability and serve clients better.

Here are the latest updates we’ve made to our cloud-based application.

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Send for Payment leverages AI to reduce outstanding invoices, replaces Bill Now feature

Send for Payment replaces the Bill Now feature for increased automation capabilities. Using past payment data, links are emailed to your clients during optimal times to receive payment without manual triggers.

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Connected Payment Page enhancements increase security and ease of use

Connect Payment Pages allow you to embed the full payment experience on your website, in your invoices, or in your email footer. These payment pages work in conjunction with your existing Connect integration to automatically create complete and accurate posting records once a payment is processed.

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Multi-Factor Authentication provides added layer of security

Multi-Factor Authentication requires users to provide two pieces of evidence to prove their identity instead of just one. This addition significantly decreases the risk of security breach. It is an optional feature that must be enabled to function. It is available to all ClientPay customers.

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Multi-language payment pages transform communication and security

Payment pages can easily be translated into Spanish or French.  This allows payers to use their preferred language when making payments.

Third-party translators put client and firm information at risk. This feature allows for inclusive communication without degrading security. 

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Payment page customizations offer a seamless experience

Customizable features provide firms more control over the look and feel of payment pages.

Unique colors can be selected alongside firm logos for a truly consistent brand feel. And embedded links mean payments can be made right on the firm website. This streamlined experience reduces barriers and allows clients to know their payment is being processed securely through the firm’s trusted payment solution.

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Making automated payments even easier

ClientPay allows firms to collect payments on new invoices with no manual work. Automatic payment parameters can be set to daily, weekly, or monthly, with options to pay off the client’s balance partially or in full. This streamlines workflow and reduces the time firms spend collecting payments.

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Let automated reports do the work for you

Rather than manually creating reports for the data you use on a regular basis, you can set up recurring reports within ClientPay. Have the reports emailed to you whenever you choose.

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Save time with customizable payment entry workflows

Experience a more modern user interface, increased payment customization and enhancements, and a column configurator that will provide more tailored search results.

Firms can save time and streamline their credit card payment processing with a variety of optional data points. Test users experiences a 15-34% reduction in the time it takes to enter each payment. That time savings translates to a bottom-line benefit. Broken down, that means users eliminate up to 24 seconds per payment transaction.

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