Juris and ClientPay Can Complete Your Firm’s A/R Department Dream Team

At the end of the day, firms can’t afford to wait weeks for payment on services rendered, they can't dedicate staff time to negotiating invoices to get paid, and they can't waste workable hours negotiating invoice amounts. Get an inside look at how ClientPay can keep your firm’s revenue rolling in with a product demo

Adding Ease to A/R

In the same way Juris enables your firm to be more agile and productive, ClientPay helps your firm put more money in the bank while strengthening client relationships. ClientPay offers a secure system for collecting payments and features your A/R department will love.  

Let’s take a look at how ClientPay, integrated with Juris, adds ease to A/R. 

Make It Easier for Clients to Pay

Electronic invoices with easy click-to-pay links let clients pay around the clock, every day of the year. This also makes firms look up to date.

Put More Money in the Bank, Faster

Efficiently generating invoices and account statements helps A/R departments improve realization rates, minimize fees and lower the percentage of total accounts receivable that are delinquent.

Create a Secure System for Collecting Payments

Automated, streamlined billing enables A/R departments to confidently safeguard clients’ sensitive financial data and easily share the status of client accounts with attorneys.

Strengthen Client Relationships

Clients appreciate the flexibility of being able to pay by credit card online at their convenience. Automated systems also provide efficient ways for A/R departments to investigate and resolve irregularities and more effectively communicate with clients.

Support Firm Business Decisions

Up-to-date data from automated systems allows firms to more effectively perform account reconciliations, maintain accounts receivable files and records, produce monthly financial and management reports, and assist in general financial management and analysis — all in support of strategies to drive revenue retention, optimize profit and improve efficiencies

Give Your Firm the Advantages of Going Digital

Paperless payments bring many advantages to firms. Yes, there’s the elimination of time-intensive tasks like manually entering credit card data, stuffing envelopes and managing client data in multiple systems. Even more, when a firm goes digital, they are able to: 

  • Get paid more quickly
  • Access data whenever, wherever
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Strengthen data security

In addition, these advantages will make a positive impact on your firm’s bottom line. 

To uncover how integrating ClientPay to Juris and into your firm’s A/R department can create greater efficiencies, request a demo today.  

Complete Your Firm’s A/R Department Dream Team by combining Juris & ClientPay

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