Frequently Asked Questions

Explore this page for answers to the most common questions about ClientPay. For additional information, contact our in-house payment experts for friendly, personalized support.

How do I sign up for ClientPay?
What forms of payment can I accept through ClientPay?
Can I only accept payments on my website?
Do I need any special equipment for in-person transactions?
Can I schedule future or recurring payments?
How soon will funds be deposited into my bank account?
Can I change ClientPay permissions based on the user?
How does ClientPay compare to my current processor’s rates?
Can I use ClientPay in Canada?
How can I partner with ClientPay?
Can I integrate my QuickBooks Online account with ClientPay?
Is it free to use QuickBooks with ClientPay?
I need some help connecting my ClientPay and QuickBooks accounts.