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Getting Started Advanced Features ClientPay Presents

ClientPay - Demo Video

Length: 9:43

Emailing a Payment Link

Length: 1:24

Custom Payment Pages

Length: 1:00

How to Send a Quick Bill

Length: 1:49

Card Vault

Length: 2:15

Adding a Payment Button to your Website

Length: 2:14

How to Recharge a Card

Length: 1:29

Sending a Payment Link

Length: 2:05

How to Run a Charge

Length: 1:49

QR Code Walkthrough

Length: 1:46

Scheduled Payments

Length: 0:52

Using QR Codes

Length: 0:45

Cards vs Fluctuation

Length: 1:04

How Payment Pages Save Time & Money

Length: 0:49

Schedule a Training

Length: 1:34

ClientPay + BQE Core Integration Demo

Length: 1:34

ClientPay Benefits

Length: 1:48


Length: 1:17

Costpoint Integration Launch

Length: 2:38

How It Works

Length: 0:53


Length: 1:20

In House Support

Length: 1:09

Get Paid Faster

Length: 0:20


Length: 0:42

Case Study

Length: 1:39

Payment Processing

Length: 0:44

Features - Notifications

Length: 0:21

Features - Payment Links

Length: 0:24

Features - Support

Length: 0:25

Features - Professional Invoices

Length: 0:24

Features - More Ways to Pay

Length: 0:25

Features - Speed of Payment

Length: 0:35

Features - No Caps

Length: 1:15

Features - PCI and Chargeback

Length: 1:36

5 Stars

ClientPay has made an incredibly positive impact on our business. We can send an invoice and know that we can get started on our work by the end of the week; the client immediately sends in their payment to get started.

Christopher Strom, AIA
Christopher Strom Architects

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