ClientPay Videos

ClientPay - Demo Video

Length: 9:43

Adding a Payment Button to your Website

Length: 2:14

How to Recharge a Card

Length: 1:29

Sending a Payment Link

Length: 2:05

How to Send a Quick Bill

Length: 1:49

How to Run a Charge

Length: 1:49

Schedule a Training

Length: 1:34

ClientPay + BQE Core Integration Demo

Length: 1:34

ClientPay Benefits

Length: 1:48

Using QR Codes

Length: 0:45


Length: 1:51

ClientPay at A’21

Length: 5:35

Costpoint Integration Launch

Length: 2:38

Emailing a Payment Link

Length: 1:24

How It Works

Length: 0:53

QR Code Walkthrough

Length: 1:46

Card Vault

Length: 2:15

Custom Payment Pages

Length: 1:00


Length: 1:20

In House Support

Length: 1:09

Scheduled Payments

Length: 0:52

Get Paid Faster

Length: 0:20

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