How CoXist Studio Upgraded the Payment Experience with ClientPay

John Lehman
John Lehman
September 29, 2021

Who: Megan Lin, AIA of CoXist Studio

Why: Give clients more ways to pay

Where: Austin, TX

When: Been a customer since 2020

Based in Austin, Texas, CoXist Studio is a contemporary architecture firm that strives to create distinct, innovative, and functional designs for their clients, which include both commercial and residential projects.

With contracts and billings in the industry starting to recover following a sharp decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CoXist saw an opportunity to adapt to a new economic landscape by signing up for ClientPay in 2020.

Here, we’ll showcase some of the ClientPay features that have helped CoXist Studio improve their operations, upgrade the payment experience, and get paid faster.

Multiple ways to pay

One of the biggest perks CoXist Studio has enjoyed since signing up for ClientPay is the wealth of expanded payment options they can now offer to their clients. “We switched over to ClientPay to give our clients more options for payment,” said Megan Lin, AIA of CoXist Studio. “It has been extremely easy to use and to customize the invoicing to reflect our company brand.”

ClientPay ensures your firm is ready and able to handle payments in the manner that your clients prefer, no matter what it may be.

Many of today’s clients prefer to make payments by credit card instead of cash or check. In fact, a study conducted in 2016 showed that as much as 75 percent of people now prefer to pay with a credit or debit card. This can be attributed to the convenience and speed that cards and online payments have enjoyed in the modern world thanks to online shopping and electronic bill pay.

When using online payments, some clients may prefer to process their payments through email. With ClientPay, you can include a payment link directly in an email or within your email signature, which your clients can click on to make their payment.

Alternatively, some clients may prefer to visit your website to submit their payment. ClientPay can accommodate this as well. You can display a payment button on your business’ website, which will take users to your customized payment page to submit their payment.

Even if you still have clients who prefer taking payments in person, you can easily take advantage of ClientPay’s technology by processing their credit card directly through the solution, or with a mobile card reader. Plus, ClientPay can also handle payments in the form of debit cards and eCheck, giving your clients even more options to pay your invoice.

Equipped with ClientPay, CoXist Studio can create a payment experience that aligns with the unique preferences of each particular client.

Speed of payment

Using ClientPay can also drastically reduce the time it takes for your invoices to get paid, meaning your firm is receiving revenue faster than traditional means.

CoXist Studio noticed this difference right away, with Megan noting that “we are getting paid twice as fast as we were in the past.”

The fact is, the billing cycle of paper check payments is inherently slower than online payments. More often than not, paper checks are sent to businesses via the mail. Already, you are having to rely on the speed of the postal service for your income by relying on this model.

Even if a paper check is handed directly to your business, you’ll still have to initiate the process of cashing it, either by bringing the check to your bank or scanning it with your banking app.

Compare this to the process of online payments, where a payable invoice can be sent directly to your clients and can be paid the moment it is received. ClientPay users have reported that as much as 62 percent of their invoices were paid within 24 hours of being sent!

This is largely thanks to how fast and easy it is for ClientPay to generate and send an invoice.

Whether through QuickBill, or directing your clients to your secure payment page, you can upgrade the payment experience by making it easy to pay for your services and removing barriers between your clients and a paid invoice. And the easier it is to pay, the faster (and more often) it can be accomplished.

Customer service

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support, and CoXist Studio’s experience with ClientPay has reflected this effort.

“We cannot say enough good things about the customer support,” said Megan. “All our questions have been quickly answered and they listen to our feedback about things that would make the process even easier.”

We feel a big part of our success in customer support can be attributed to our in-house support team of Certified Payments Professionals. At ClientPay, we don’t believe in sending our users through a series of phone tree options guided by robot voices. We have real human beings who are available by phone, live chat, or email to answer any questions you may have about your accounts

We're also committed to keeping our customers' data (and their clients' data) secure.

With ClientPay, you never have to handle sensitive payment data. When submitting a payment, your client can enter their information themselves. Once submitted, their data is stored and encrypted in our secure servers, ensuring it is kept safe from prying eyes.

Our solution is also PCI Level 1 Certified, which means we adhere to the highest standards in internet security. Our superior support and advanced technology has helped our team has achieve a customer support rating of 98 percent!

All in all, we’re honored to help CoXist Studio streamline their operations and speed up their billing process with our online payment solution.

“I would recommend [ClientPay] to any design firm that is looking for a quick and easy way to get paid with a highly professional look,” said Megan Lin.

To see how ClientPay can make a positive difference in your firm, schedule a demo today!