How online payment processing software can save your firm money

ClientPay Team
ClientPay Team
August 5, 2019

There are few things worse than spending hours on a task, only to find out there was an easier way to get the job done. And if you haven't updated your payment solution in years, that may be exactly what you're doing.

Less manual entry. Fewer errors. Happier clients.

Billable hours are essential for AEC professionals to collect the revenue they need. So why do some architecture and engineer professionals feel comfortable wasting time with an inefficient invoicing process? Why settle for entering the same information every month, when it’s possible to enter information once and then forget it?

Using online payment processing software means you only need to enter data once. This saves time, reduces data-entry errors, and lets you focus on your clients.

Automatically sync your invoices and your project management software

Have you ever had a client point out a double charge to you? Has your bookkeeper or accountant ever asked what a charge means? Think about all the time your team has wasted talking about things that should be straightforward.

With online payment processing software, you can eliminate those redundancies. Some software, like ClientPay, integrates with the leading the project management software. When you’re doing work on a client’s case, you can automatically send the hours worked to the invoice as well.

This type of automation saves employees from needing to manually retype information — which also reduces the chances that they'll make mistakes in the process.

Is it time to update your billing software?

What's worse than waiting for outdated software to lug through updates? When programs stall, or when routine tasks take minutes to complete, it becomes a bottleneck.

Software — especially financial technology — should always enable you to work faster, not slow you down.

If that’s not happening at your firm, it may be time to update your payment processing solution.

You may be doing a major disservice to your firm if you’re still using the same software — or no software — that you’ve been using since your firm first opened.

Is your billing software easy to use? Given the predominance of online payments, people expect the payment process to be easy. Your design firm is smaller than Amazon and Zappos, but that’s still the level of ease people expect when they make payments.

Firm billing software needs to be intuitive and easy to use for the people on both sides of the transaction. Once consumers have a problem with any part of the process, they’re more likely to have negative feelings about their entire experience with the brand.

Is your software up to date? In the last few years, there have been numerous changes in the payment processing industry — and that’s not going to change any time soon. (Hello, contactless payments, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency.)

As payment methods change, the rules and regulations surrounding payment acceptance will also change. The PCI Security Council consistently updates the rules and regulations around PCI Compliance to ensure business can stay ahead of hackers. If you haven't updated your payment processing technology in the last few years, it may be time to upgrade.

ClientPay takes the hassle out updating your payment processing solution. We eliminate errors, protect data, and help firms save time and money. Our business is to ensure that you don’t lose business because of confusing billing, opportunistic hackers, or slow-moving software.