Why AEC Professionals Should Let Clients Pay with QR Codes

John Lehman
John Lehman
September 8, 2021

Modern clients have shown a strong preference for paying their bills electronically, which is why all AEC professionals should give their clients multiple electronic payment options.

For example, an online payment solution allows your clients to easily pay by credit card, debit card, and eCheck payments. The best online payment solutions also let your clients to pay with QR codes, adding mobility, convenience, and security to your billing process.

A QR code is essentially a barcode that can be scanned by a mobile device’s camera, which will redirect the user to a page once scanned. With ClientPay, you get a unique QR code that will send your client directly to your payment page when scanned, allowing them to pay you directly from their mobile device!

And this is just one of the benefits QR codes provide. Here, we’ll break down five advantages that QR codes provide for you and your clients.

Speed up and simplify the payments process

With QR code payments, your firm can provide your clients with multiple easy payment options, thereby increasing the rate at which your clients pay their bills and keeping projects moving at a steady pace.

You could, for instance, display your QR code at your desk or at the reception area of your office to make in-person payments easier. The client can scan your code and pay you before they even leave the building.

QR code payments can even be offered through your mailed invoices. Place your code on the invoice and your clients can make an electronic payment without having to type in your payment page URL. Upon scanning the code, they will automatically be taken to your payment page, where they can enter their payment information quickly.

By giving clients the ability to pay with QR codes, you can easily encourage clients to use electronic payment options rather than paper checks, which ultimately will increase your cash flow and boost your bottom line.

Modernize the way you get paid

A growing number of consumers today use contactless payment methods. In fact, nearly 80% of today's consumers use contactless payments, according to a study conducted by MasterCard. Respondents noted that cleanliness, safety, and convenience were their main motivations for doing so. Plus, QR code interactions saw a sharp increase between 2018 and 2020 for Blue Bite, a digital marketplace platform.

Simply put, today’s clients are gravitating towards paying with mobile options such as QR codes, and it would be in your best interest to offer this form of payment as soon as you can. By meeting client expectations, you can let them pay the way they want (and increase the chance that they do so on time).

Encourage socially-distanced payments

Not only do today’s clients find contactless payments convenient, but they also appreciate being able to make payments without the need to hand over their physical card. And with widespread social distancing that has become the norm in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has only further cemented the preference for contactless payments.

Thanks to QR code payments, your client can safely submit the payment altogether through their phone or mobile device.

Improve payment security

In addition to offering safer payments in person, QR codes also offer a more secure online payment environment. The moment your client scans your ClientPay QR code, they're taken to your secure payment page, where they can enter their own payment information safely from their phones.

Plus, our systems encrypt this sensitive data and store it in our secure vault. You’ll never have to store this data locally when processing payments through ClientPay, reducing your firm’s liability when it comes to handling payment data.

Provide a better client experience

Overall, offering online payments to your clients is an excellent way to provide a positive client experience, and letting clients pay with QR codes only reinforces this.

By accepting QR code payments, you are expanding your payment options, making payments more convenient, and ensuring that payments are processed as securely as possible. And in doing so, your firm establishes a reputation for valuing your client’s time. When you demonstrate this level of attention to your clients, they will be more likely to return to you with a new project, or even recommend you to a friend.

Schedule a personalized demo today and see how ClientPay’s QR codes (and other features) can boost your bottom line and streamline your operations.