Get to Know the People Behind Your Payments

Ross Burkhart
Ross Burkhart
April 27, 2022

The mission behind ClientPay’s technology is to provide a payment solution that gives life to the business initiatives of professionals who trust our team each and every day. Building a unique experience with each of our customers is critical to this mission, and it’s made possible by a talented group of payments experts, including our own Karina Munguia, Diandra Ford-Wing, and Marc Zazzaro.

These three consistently demonstrate ClientPay’s care and dedication to our customers. We thought that you should get to hear their stories for yourself in our new series, People Behind the Payments.

Karina Munguia, Graphic Designer

Karina helps ClientPay reach its customers through her skills as a graphic designer. In the year and a half since she joined ClientPay, Karina has created several e-books and whitepapers to educate customers about growing their businesses using online payments. However, there are also a lot of people (and other living things) around the office that rely on Karina’s special touch.

“I love plants and gardening, and I’ve started taking over as the in-office gardener,” Karina said.

Karina’s green thumb is a trademark of her fun, kind, and selfless personality. When she isn’t tending to ClientPay’s botanical office companions, you can often find her crafting a Dungeons & Dragons story around a table with friends.

“I’ve even managed to convince some of my coworkers to play with me,” Karina said. “I don’t know if they really like it that much, but I’m having a pretty good time.”

Karina has loved creating valuable resources for building and design professionals at ClientPay. “I think one of the most satisfying things is knowing everything we create and put out into the world is really there to help our clients succeed, which just gives me the best feeling at the end of the day.”

Diandra Ford-Wing, Director of Account Management

Diandra plays a vital role in the success of multiple teams within the AffiniPay family, including ClientPay. Her leadership has been pivotal in anticipating and responding to customer needs.

“I spearhead a team of account managers who are at the frontlines of the customer experience,” Diandra said. “Day in and day out, I get to see firsthand how these account managers get to interact with these customers. And I must tell you, it is a thing of beauty to witness.”

Just as Diandra displays her passion for making impactful customer experiences at work, she also puts her energy into creating lively musical performances on the karaoke stage.

“You get to make a complete and utter fool out of yourself in front of people that you don’t know,” Diandra said. “It’s just fun!”

Diandra’s role as a facilitator and motivator for the ClientPay team is one that she fully embraces and absolutely loves. “It’s great to see that [my team is] there for their customers and provides such great customer experience for every customer, big or small.”

Marc Zazzaro, Technical Product Manager

With over eight years of product expertise, Marc helps smooth over any potential hiccups for building and design professionals accepting payments through ClientPay.

“I take customer feedback, market trends, basically any pain points that our customers might have with accepting payments, and I’ll help come up with a solution to fix them,” said Marc.

Like Diandra, Marc’s interests extend into music, as well—he plays the guitar and banjo, often with multiple bands. When he’s in the office, you’ll commonly see him engaged in a game of ping pong.

“You can find me just kind of waiting around the table, hoping someone’s going to challenge me any second,” Marc said. To those willing to challenge Marc: be aware; he shows little mercy in battle.

“I can be a bit competitive, but I’m definitely not going to take it easy on you.”

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