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ClientPay Makes Payment Acceptance Simpler Through Integrated Payment Pages

The new integrated feature is available for all ClientPay Connect customers as part of the practice management systems integration.

ST PAUL, Minn. – December 2, 2020. ClientPay (clientpay.com), an award-wining digital payment acceptance solution for legal and professional services firms, has announced enhanced integrations with some of the legal industry’s leading practice management solutions. Law firms using the ClientPay Connect module – which connects ClientPay to Thomson Reuters Elite 3E, Enterprise, ProLaw, or Aderant Expert – now have access to another powerful integrated feature: Connect Payment Pages. Connect Payment Pages makes it possible for clients to make secure payments on their accounts without logging in. This open payment solution further streamlines ClientPay’s industry-leading process, removing a significant barrier for clients and making it even easier for integrated customers to accept and allocate payments within their existing practice management systems.

ClientPay has earned a reputation for offering professional and intuitive payment solutions, and it is the premiere payment partner for the legal industry. Firms using ClientPay already benefit from a customized payment page experience that accepts and processes credit cards. Now, instead of logging in each time to make an integrated payment, clients are met with a sleek, user-friendly Connect Payment Page that only requires a client number and an invoice number or a matter number and statement number, depending on the firm’s practice management solution. This update significantly reduces data entry and lets ClientPay customers send a clear message to their clients: We appreciate your business and we want to make this as easy as possible for you.

“Our integrations and streamlined payment pages already delivered tremendous value, and now we’re packing in even more value by lowering the barrier to payment acceptance,” said ClientPay product manager Marc Zazzaro. “Connect Payment Pages combine two of ClientPay’s existing strengths – robust integrations and streamlined payment flows – into one incredibly powerful feature.”

ClientPay’s integrated Connect Payment Pages certainly make it easier for clients to pay, but they also make the receiving process easier for firms using ClientPay. For ClientPay’s customers, time is money, and saving time adds significant value. Marc Zazzaro notes that “If a firm wanted to do so, they could set up a Connect Payment Page on their website and turn on auto-posting. That means a client could make a payment and it would automatically post and allocate within the practice management system without anyone at the firm needing to lift a finger.” This newly enhanced payment page integration follows ClientPay’s last deployment focused on enhanced security features like Multi-Factor Authentication, continuing their commitment to safe and secure payments.

The Connect Payment Page feature is now available, for free, to all ClientPay customers with the Connect module enabled as part of the ClientPay integration with their practice management systems. For more information about ClientPay and the new enhanced features, contact ClientPay at 855-299-0476.

About ClientPay

Based in St. Paul, Minn., ClientPay is an award-winning technology solution developed to make life easier for professional service firms through innovations in digital payment processing. ClientPay has been acknowledged as an industry leader, having been awarded the Software & Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) Best Financial Technology Solution at the 2018 CODiE Awards in San Francisco. Through integrations with some of the legal industry’s top matter management platforms, ClientPay helps companies get paid faster and reduce write-offs while eliminating billing errors. Learn more at https://www.clientpay.com.

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