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Browse our library of educational resources for expert advice and valuable insight on financial technology, billing and payments best practices, and more. (We invite you to check out our instructional videos and the ClientPay blog, too!)


Our e‑books discuss the topics that matter most to today's professionals. Get valuable insight on effectively attracting and retaining clients, streamlining firm operations, and building a profitable business.

Billing Best Practices & Mistakes: Dos and Dont's

This quick reference guide details the steps to take to ensure your billing process is useful to your business rather than a frustrating hurdle for clients to overcome.


Strategic Building & Design Business Management:

This free guide will show you how to evaluate and improve your business using an iterative approach that focuses on optimizations in areas relevant to building and design industry professionals.


E-Book: Accepting Credit Cards Could Save Your Business From Unpredictable Material Costs

Material cost fluctuations have had a substantial impact on the building and design industry. In this e-book, we’ll discuss the factors contributing to this unpredictable market and how credit cards could save your business.


Credit Card Mythbusting: Why Architects and Design Professionals Resist Online Payments

Some architecture and design professionals are hesitant to accept credit card payments from their clients, mostly due to misconceptions about how credit cards work today. We’ve dispelled many of these misconceptions in our latest whitepaper, Credit Card Mythbusting: Why Architects and Design Professionals Resist Online Payments.


ClientPay Solution Guide

Our comprehensive guide highlights the numerous ways ClientPay's online payment solution can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and maximize cash flow.


The Building and Design Professionals’ Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Processing

Whether you're considering accepting credit cards for the first time or you're shopping for a new payment solutions provider—this guide has everything you need to know.


Getting Paid Today: What Building And Design Professionals Need to Know

Find out how your architecture firm can benefit from taking advantage of the multitude of digital technologies and solutions available today, including an online payment solution like ClientPay.


4 ClientPay Features That Can Improve Your Firm’s Processes

Learn how you can increase your firm's cash flow and boost your bottom line with these key ClientPay features designed to simplify your billing, payments, and reporting.


Finish Strong: How to End the Year on Better Financial Footing

Learn the steps you can take to clear out your aged receivables and ensure the money you earned this year gets through the door before January.


How to Break Up With Your Bank and Stay Friends

Whether it’s a romantic or business partnership, parting ways is a tough task. Far trickier, though, is finessing the more complicated kind of uncoupling—where it's time to end one key aspect of the relationship while trying to keep the rest intact.


Safely Using Cloud-Based Payment Technology

The demand for professional service providers to accept electronic payments from their clients is on the rise. Fortunately, this is a win-win since electronic payments are faster and more reliable. And with cloud-based payment processing technology, accepting electronic payments is easier and more secure.


Are Employee Perks Good for Business?

There’s a lot of talk about building an employee-focused workplace culture. At first thought, this may conjure images of jaw-dropping perks you’d find at a startup—like daily catered meals and expensive game rooms.


Sick and Tired of Paper Checks?

We've all envisioned the paperless office of the future. Despite many digitized processes and tech tools to clean the clutter and streamline operations, there's one piece of paper that many firms can't seem to shake off: the paper check.


Should Your Business Accept Credit Cards?

When it comes to personal finances, consumers are quick to embrace tools and technologies that help them make payments and manage their accounts. Yet the business realm has been slow to shed its reliance on more traditional, manual payment methods—i.e. cash and paper checks.


Free E-book: Business Development for Architecture Firms

Offering your clients modern and convenient online payment options is just one of the many ways you can upgrade your client experience and grow your practice. Here are a few more strategies you can start implementing today.


Sample Forms and Agreements

Let us make your life a little simpler. Peruse our catalog of sample forms, policies, and agreements that can all be easily adapted to meet your firm’s unique needs.

Sample Credit Card Authorization Forms

Get two sample authorization forms: one to authorize credit card payments submitted by your client, and one to authorize payments from a third party who is paying on behalf of your client.


One Pagers

Frequently Asked Questions about Surcharging Clients

Implementing surcharging in your business can lead to a major impact on your bottom line. However, there are plenty of merchant rules and state and local laws to follow in order to remain in compliance.


6 Strategies to Support Client Success

Looking to collect on your bills faster and more efficiently? Keep these 6 effective strategies top of mind.


Growing Your Firm: 5 Proven Tactics for Attracting New Clients and Driving Revenue

Expand your audience and drive more business with our handy list of 5 different tactics architects can use to find new clients.


The Architect’s Guide to Easy Password Management

Protecting your clients’ sensitive data is one of your most critical responsibilities. Use our quick password reference guide to boost your online security.


Boost efficiency and cash flow with BQE CORE + ClientPay

The BQE CORE + ClientPay integration empowers you to offer a secure payment solution alongside the practice management tool you already know and trust. Learn more about how you can streamline operations and increase cash flow to your firm with this seamless integration.