5 Ways We're Committed to Excellent Customer Support

Ross Burkhart
Ross Burkhart
October 5, 2021

At the forefront of ClientPay is a promise to our customers, woven in clear, thorough communication and an eagerness to solve problems.

We’ve set out to establish ClientPay as an industry-leading payment solution for architecture, engineering, and design professionals. We understand the collaboration necessary to run a business like yours effectively, which is why we strive to make your job that much easier.

Building long, trusting relationships with our customers is a priority of ours. The core values that make up our foundation emphasize each interaction as something wholly unique, and we thrive on opportunities to make someone’s day better. Our customers continue to show appreciation for our team’s dedication through their feedback and by referring colleagues to ClientPay.

Here are a few reasons why we’re confident ClientPay’s customer support experience is one you can trust to create positive changes in your business.

Extensive Industry Experience

We pride ourselves on surpassing expectations as a trusted payment solution and becoming a reliable partner in the industries of our customers.

Our experience allows us to understand the hurdles and pitfalls faced by our customers, and our team is equipped to identify specific needs presented in engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, land surveying, construction, and more.

“My first impression of ClientPay was that it was amazing that somebody created a platform for interior designers and architects,” said Sarah Schwuchow, founder and owner of Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors. “I really felt like they understood my business and the differences in the types of money that we receive as far as time-billing money or product money. It was really something unique that I felt like this niche product and this niche platform would really work and cater to my needs…”

Billing Resources to Power Your Communication

Our commitment to improving your business doesn’t end at providing a payment solution.

We offer access to an impressive library of valuable billing and payment resources—videos explaining account features, email templates to send to your clients, informational e-books, and more. Plus, they’re always available at no charge to you!

Although our primary mission is to power digital payments for your business, it’s important to us that your work is successful and profitable, which is why we’re thrilled to offer the expertise and knowledge that comes with ClientPay being an industry leader.

Customer Success Team

Within the first two days of signing up, a member of our Customer Success Team will reach out to schedule a personalized, one-on-one session to walk you through your new ClientPay account. Our team is trained to help both professionals who are switching from a different payment solution as well as individuals who have no prior experience with online payments.

These introductory meetings give us a chance to learn more about your business so that we can make recommendations for how to best utilize your new ClientPay account. Whether you're an architect, engineer, interior designer, landscape designer, land surveyor, or construction professional, we'll make sure you understand how ClientPay fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Our training sessions are tailored to fit your needs and focused on the features and functionalities that best support your unique business requirements. Once you’re paired with an Account Manager, you’ll have a dedicated representative who knows you by name and continues to help you through the life of your account.

“It was incredible that I had a manager working with me specifically,” Schwuchow said, “and that every time I would get on the phone, I would be able to talk to [ClientPay Account Manager Ryan Camardo]. He knew my business. He knew my struggles, knew my problems. I didn't have to repeat myself and recreate the wheel every time I called the customer service number.”

Live, In-House Support

If you still have questions for us after getting your account set up or you’re simply looking to implement changes in your business, please reach out to us! You’ll always have unlimited access to our support channels.

We’re available by phone (1-855-299-0476), Monday through Friday, to assist with your account. You’ll be paired with a real, experienced ClientPay team member right in our office, with little to zero wait. Our representatives answer 95 percent of incoming support calls before the second ring. We also offer support after hours and during weekends via email.

Our team is made up of a friendly and experienced group of Certified Payments Professionals (CPPs)—i.e. accredited payments experts. Earning a CPP designation, awarded by the Electronic Transactions Association, is indicative of an employee showing exemplary knowledge and skillful performance in the electronic payments industry.

Using your ClientPay account should be as simple and easy as possible, and we’re here to help!

Minimizing Your Risk and Vulnerability

In addition to the expertise of our dedicated team, ClientPay’s solution is backed by the highest level of PCI compliance. Just by using ClientPay, you minimize your own PCI requirements. All financial data used is safely secured on our servers and never stored locally, leaving you with one less reason to worry and more time to put toward your business.

And, if you find yourself facing a chargeback, we’ll be there, too, making sure you’re accompanied by the necessary support to resolve issues quickly. A ClientPay risk analyst will proactively contact you following a chargeback notification to offer guidance and suggest an appropriate course of action.

Our risk analysts have an 85 percent success rate in helping our customers reverse chargebacks—nearly twice the industry standard—because we stand to protect every dollar your business transacts through ClientPay.

“I'm really grateful that ClientPay was able to ease my concerns and educate me,” Schwuchow said. “And now I'm able to share that information with other designers to get them on board to streamline their business and make it easier.”

We’re thrilled to be able to offer exceptional customer support to professionals like yourself, now and into the future. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our customer experience, contact us at support@clientpay.com.