How Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors Transformed the Payment Experience with ClientPay

Emily Burns
Emily Burns
April 4, 2022

Who: Sarah Schwuchow, Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors Why: Give clients more ways to pay Where: Chicago, IL When: Customer since 2021

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that specializes in using design to impact lives and promote well-being within the home. Their team of design professionals works with each client’s family, budget, and desired lifestyle to provide a home that is unique to their specific needs.

With an uptick in business following the pandemic recovery and increased demand to accept credit cards from her clients, founder Sarah Jacquelyn Schwuchow sought out a payment solution that could not only meet her business needs but also make it easier for her clients to pay. In 2021, Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors became a ClientPay customer and transformed as a business.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the specific ClientPay benefits that have helped Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors improve operations, upgrade the payment experience, and get paid faster.

Faster payments

One of the first perks Sarah’s firm noticed was the speed of payments. Since using ClientPay, Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors has drastically reduced its invoice turnaround time, meaning the firm is now receiving revenue much faster than with traditional means—i.e., paper checks.

Sarah said after dealing with slower forms of payment in the past, she noticed the improvement with ClientPay right away. In fact, the adoption of online payments has allowed her business to grow so rapidly that she can't remember the last time she deposited a check.

“I would get paid invoices almost immediately. The same day those payments would come through. There was no more waiting or checking the mail. It just saved me so much time and headache and worry about is it coming through? Are we getting paid? Where's the check? And I didn't have to hassle and hound my clients to make sure they paid their bills,” said Sarah.

Online payments with ClientPay allow you to send invoices instantly. In turn, your invoices can be paid just as quickly. A confirmation of your payment is sent to your email and a pending deposit is made to your bank account shortly thereafter. Compare this to traditional payment methods, where you would have to wait for the mail carrier to deliver your check and then physically take that check to the bank.

More ways to pay

Sarah also noted the added convenience ClientPay provides to her clients. With multiple ways to pay and 24/7 access, online payments give clients the flexibility they need to pay for Sarah’s service at any time, from anywhere.

“[I like] the fact that they have options on how they want to pay with a very easy streamlined link. I think it has made their lives a lot easier that they don't have to sit there and bring out a checkbook and find a stamp then go to the mailbox,” said Sarah.

Whether your clients prefer to pay by credit card, debit card, or even eCheck, ClientPay is designed to meet every payment need. Providing multiple payment methods also reduces the incidence of late or failed payments. Online payments can be instantly verified so your clients can rest assured knowing their projects are on track.

If you still have clients who prefer making their payments in person, you can easily take advantage of ClientPay’s technology by processing their credit card directly in the solution, or with a mobile card reader or QR code.

Easy to use

Adopting ClientPay has also been an extremely easy transition for Sarah’s firm. She started receiving client payments within a matter of days and found the payment link system simple and effective.

“It's just completely streamlined. I like that it’s just a simple link, that I can just hyperlink in an email and it just takes them to the payment page. It’s got my logo on it and it looks professional and it’s just very simple and clear for clients to make payments,” said Sarah.

Like many customers, Sarah discovered the benefits of using ClientPay’s custom payment links. This feature allows you to create a unique link to a secure hosted payment page personalized with your name and contact information. You can add this link to your invoices, emails, and website to provide a professional payment experience without redirecting clients to a third-party site.

ClientPay also offers the ability to set up one-time future charges or establish automatic recurring payments with the Scheduled Payments feature. Simply enter the card or account details, the charge amount, and frequency. Then, you can sit back and watch as transactions run automatically.


For Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors, one of the most significant benefits of ClientPay is our industry-specific nature. Sarah says the distinction was a pleasant surprise for her firm.

“My first impression of ClientPay was it was amazing that somebody created a platform for interior designers and architects. I really felt like they understood my business and the differences in the types of money that we receive as far as time billing money or product money. It was really something unique that I felt like this niche product and this niche platform would really work and cater to my needs,” said Sarah.

We are proud to tailor our payment solution to professionals in the design industry. ClientPay’s user-friendly technology was designed to suit your client’s needs and help creatives like you get paid faster so you can get back to doing more of what you love.

Our technology also integrates with other industry-leading solutions allowing you to operate every aspect of your business in one intuitive platform.

Exceptional customer support

At ClientPay, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing unparalleled customer support and Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors’s experience with us has demonstrated this effort.

“The fact that you guys are real people, and I can call you and talk to you. I feel confident in our partnership. I feel like we have a partnership. I guess that’s the biggest thing. That working with a credit card payment company feels like a partnership…I think I was most surprised by how easy and personalized this process was to interact with real people,” said Sarah.

Our in-house team of payment specialists is made up of real human beings who are available by phone, live chat, or email to answer any questions you may have about your accounts. With, ClientPay, you’ll never be forced to navigate through a series of phone tree options guided by automated recordings.

From questions about getting started to integrations and account maintenance, we’ve got you covered. We also have a wealth of resources available on-demand in our Support Center.

ClientPay is honored to support the success of Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors as they and their clients enjoy a simple, secure, professional payment solution that gives them time back in their day. “I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about ClientPay and accepting online payments this way,” said Sarah.

To find out how ClientPay can make a positive difference in your firm, schedule a demo today!